Beauty and a Beard – An Introduction.



Hello to all bearded and non bearded folk and welcome to the very first blog post of Beauty and a Beard!

First things first, a quick introduction from myself..(*yawn* boring I know) but I feel as though it’s probably best to at least start off with a little introduction and a bit of a background, right? My name is Kev and I’m a 26 year old novice beard grower. I say novice because I’ve literally been growing my beard, or at least trying to, for around about a year at most? Within that time there has been a lot of light trimming hoping it would grow back longer, as well as a lot of frustration at not being able to grow a glorious and thick face bush straight off the bat. God damn you terrible hair genes!! But you know what? I’m quite happy with the stage that it’s now currently at and I’m on a mission to find the best products out there to help me and yourselves on a journey into the scary World of man stuff.

Obviously not every single blog will be solely based on beard related things because not everybody has one or even has a desire to grow one. So as well as that I will be doing reviews and giving my honest opinions on all things male, such as skincare, fashion and wait for it…FOOD!! I know, I’m just as excited about that part as you are.

I will be starting the first actual product review blog within the next couple of days. Also I have purchased a few things lately that includes beard balms and oils, as well as a lot of skincare products to test out in the coming weeks so keep a look out for those upcoming blogs too.

So if you’re interested in anything ranging from hair/beard care and skincare products to clothing and food then hopefully there will be something for you along the way.

So feel free to follow this blog and the posts that come with it and hopefully you will see something you like along the way that inspires you to try it for yourself!

One last thing before you drift off to sleep from all of that exhaustive sure to follow Beauty and a Beard on Twitter to keep up to date with what’s coming up and when it’s dropping – @beardyblog.

Thanks again for reading and I hope you all stick around for the first ‘official’ blog post in the coming week!

Beauty and a Beard.


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