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Hello to all you bearded and non bearded folk and welcome back to Beauty and a Beard! If you read the introductory post previously then you should have a general idea of what it’s all about. If not then that’s fine too, you’re here now and that’s all that matters right? Also, welcome to the very first official product review! I can almost vision your arms waving in the air from the sheer excitement! Okay, you’re probably not *that* excited but still…

Anyway, shall we get straight down to it? I mean that’s what you’re here for isn’t it?!

So…I’m very excited to be doing a review on this product for you guys. Basically it was the very first beard ‘set’ that I purchased and actually tried out after months of basically walking around with what I can only describe as a dry, lifeless and frazzled tumbleweed stuck to my face.

The products that I purchased consisted of a 10ml bottle of beard oil, a 20ml container of moustache wax and an awesome wooden beard comb, all from The Bearded Gent.



Firstly we will begin with taking a look at the actual beard oil. The oil comes in a nicely branded but simplistic dropper styled bottle with the company name and logo on the front. The fragrance I went for was Cavalier Cedar and Lime, which has a really nice fresh zest kind of smell to it, mixed with a ‘woody’ scent also. Not too overbearing but just a nice amount. This oil is great for soothing the dreaded horrible itch, which is ideal if you’re in the early stages of beard growth and you feel like you just can’t stop clawing away at your face. After each use of about 3-4 drops massaged into the palms and rubbed upwards into my beard, it felt a lot softer and a lot more nourished. The great thing about this oil is that it doesn’t leave your beard feeling greasy or ‘wet’ so to speak. It has just the right balance to keep your face fuzz feeling smooth throughout the day. Great for if you’re out and about or on the go a lot as you can just slide the bottle into your coat pocket and use whenever you feel necessary. Priced at £4.99, this for me is excellent value because it does go a long way depending on how much you use, which in my case was once daily but again depending on beard length etc you may feel like using it a little more than this.



Now onto the moustache wax! I went for Viscount vanilla and mango for this. Complete contrast to the beard oil scent I know but I liked the sound of this fragrance and it definitely didn’t disappoint. Presented in a nice branded tin with a sliding top lid, this stuff is packed with beeswax and Jojoba oil (great for both skin and hair…*winning*). The wax has a nice texture to it and again a little goes a long way. Not huge on fragrance but big on its purpose. Simply scraping a bit up with your finger and massaging between index finger and thumb allows you to smooth it out and style your man tache’ with ease. I’ll be honest, I still have a lot of this product left as I’m not huge on moustache styling (I can do it, I promise) but when I did go for a change it was great for curling up into a 60’s Gentleman style moustache or to just simply tidy up your face and stop those stray hairs from flying about in the wind. Again a nice handy pocket sized product for discreet use if outside etc. Priced at £3.99, again this is great value for money and I highly recommend this product to anybody who is big on styling or wants to just simply use it as a beard tidier as it does leave you feeling a lot more silkier and smoother looking.



Lastly we move on to the beard comb. Up until I discovered beard combs, I just used to brush my beard out with a standard hair comb…don’t you judge me! But then this little marvel appeared in my life and I’m glad it did. If you have a short trimmed beard then I probably wouldn’t suggest this for you as it is (in my opinion) better used on a decent length of beard hair considering the style of the comb, as well as the size and width of the combs ‘teeth’. Branded with The Bearded Gent logo as well as the company name on the reverse side, it goes hand in hand with the nice smooth/rounded wooden finish. Priced at £3.99 this really is a very elegant and sophisticated looking comb which is great for taming those unruly hairs after applying your oil.

Now those products are just a small insight into The Bearded Gent and what they provide as a whole because there is so much more over on their website, ranging from a variety of different scented oils and waxes to combs and accessories. There’s even t-shirts for you to parade around in and show off your fantastic style..(which do look pretty cool by the way). As well as this they do offer a range of different priced gift cards, so if you want to treat a friend or family member then there’s something for everyone. Just don’t purchase one for Nana Maureen simply because she has a couple of chin hairs as she may be offended and leave you off the Christmas card list. I for one will definitely be returning to purchase some more items as I was very impressed with these guys and everything they offer, from the products themselves to the speedy delivery. So head on over there via this nice fancy blue looking text here, as well as visiting their Twitter page here. You can also find them on Facebook and Instagram. So get purchasing some fantastic products and show your facial hair the love it deserves!

And that, you lovely bunch of bearded beauties, wraps up the very first product review!! See, it wasn’t all that bad was it? I mean hopefully I gave a good insight into The Bearded Gent and what they provide because there is great products on offer and they definitely do not break the bank cost wise!

So what now I hear you say?? Well now you can tell all of your friends down at the pub or in work about this blog and everything I just reviewed whilst giving it a like and leaving a comment with your thoughts (both good or bad, I promise not to get offended…maybe).

Don’t forget to subscribe and follow Beauty and a Beard both here and on Twitter as there will be more to come in the coming weeks and those pages will give you the heads up on what’s coming up and when.

Thanks again for taking the time and effort to read this review, hopefully you enjoyed it just as much as I enjoyed creating it and I hope to see you all back here soon for the next instalment!

Beauty and a Beard.

*All images taken from The Bearded Gent*.


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