Nip + Fab tried and tested.

Hello to all bearded and non bearded friends and welcome to another product review from Beauty and a Beard! If you checked out my previous blog then I hope you enjoyed it? If not, then feel free to pop over there at some point!

Okay, so you’re probably thinking ‘oh I bet that this is just another beardy kinda review’..well actually it’s a lot different this time. This time I’m delving into a World where most men are afraid to enter…skincare…*plays dramatic music*. Now before you get ahead of yourselves and think that this is just a place for women to enter, well I can assure you that it’s not. You won’t lose any ‘man points’ by taking care of your skin. I mean who doesn’t want good skin? It costs nothing to look after your facial features (well it does cost, unless you shoplift the items obviously..) but you get what I mean. 

In all honesty I was never one for buying these kind of products because I always A) couldn’t be bothered, or B) felt as though it wasn’t a ‘manly’ thing to do. But that’s quite a stubborn outlook to have because you will honestly appreciate the care you took further down the line.

Now, onto the actually review before we all embrace in a man hug and tell each other that it’s okay to beautify ourselves. The products that I recently purchased are all from a company named Nip + Fab and they consist of 3 items in which we’ll explore in depth one at a time. 

Firstly, we’ll begin with the Glycolic Fix Cleanser.

Okay, so I’ve never known much about ‘cleansing the skin’ etc but this product has been an absolute revelation for me to be honest. Usually when taking a shower it was just the usual shampoo, shower gel and then out to dry off, but I’ve since added this cleanser into the routine and I’m glad I did. If like me you suffer from quite dry skin after washing your face then this could be a great buy for you too. Quite a thick feeling gel, applying a small amount (and I literally mean pea sized) onto your fingertips and massaging onto the face, this product foams up very nicely and once rinsed off it leaves the skin feeling soft, hydrated and not dried out in the slightest. It’s packed with olive oil and amino acids to help keep your skin feeling moisturised, and at £7.95 from Superdrug this for me is great value as I have used a lot of moisturisers in the past to help my skin feel less dry and they have just never worked as well as this product. Definitely a must buy if you have rough, dry feeling skin and want a more softer look/feel.

So now onto product number two which is the Dragon’s Blood Plumping Serum

Just like the Glycolic Serum, this product has been fantastic for me. I mean just the name itself was enough for me to want to purchase it. I mean ‘Dragon’s Blood’ cool right?! I should just add that no Dragons were hurt in the making of this serum, nor did Nip + Fab actually steal any blood from Dragons. 

Anyway…again just like the above, there is quite a thick gel substance to this product and not much needs to be pumped out to get full coverage of the face. I’d say I use about two pumps of this and it goes on very well and goes a long way but it all depends on preference I guess. The best way to apply is to just simply squeeze your desired amount onto index finger and thumb, rub onto each finger tip on both hands and then just smooth it out over your face, avoiding the eye area. You’ll soon notice literally straight away that a sort of ‘tightening’ feeling happens when applied and it leaves your skin feeling very soft and refreshed.

The purpose of this product is for more hydrated feeling skin. It also helps enhance moisturisation so if like me you feel quite dry and rough feeling after your shower then this is definitely one for you. 
The longer I use this product, the more I begin to feel the benefits. My skin doesn’t feel dry, and any sort of spot outbreaks I may have pretty much disappears soon after, which is a bonus obviously because who wants spots just living rent free on their face?! 

Currently priced at £13.29 at Superdrug (reduced from £19.95), it is a little bit more on the expensive side to other skincare products, but let’s be honest you’re bound to get more for your money if you go for products such as this as apposed to cheap £3 something products aren’t you? 

All in all, a fantastic product to own that definitely does the job it’s supposed to do and so far for me it has lived up in all expectations.
Okay so now the third and final product, Bee Sting Fix Eye.

Now this is the one product that hasn’t really been that much of a stand out for me. The purpose of this is to reduce fatigued looking under eyes by reducing dark circles. In all honesty, it has done none of that for me.

Now I don’t know wether that is due to the fact that I’ve always had quite tired looking eyes and quite dark circles due to the fact I work 10 hour days, 5 days a week and then survive on about 4/5 hours sleep each night in between. Plus having an energetic 1 year old Son to keep you on your feet doesn’t help either! Yes I did just blame my tiny Son for my tired eyes, it’s all his fault.

This product is currently £7.45 at Superdrug (reduced from £14.95) which is basically half price. It comes in a 10ml tube and applied similar to the serums above. A small drop onto your index finger and then rubbed in with a circular motion both under and around the eyes. It dries in pretty quickly and almost feels like a moisturiser style substance. 

Also…now wait for it..this product contains actual Bee Venom! Venom from Bees. The purpose of the venom is to plump and firm the eye area apparently. I mean obviously it’s going to plump up isn’t it, it’s basically like taking a Bee in your fingers and jabbing his behind under each eye, minus the pain obviously!

If you have a less tired lifestyle than myself and you don’t always look like you’ve stayed up for 50 days straight then this product may well work wonders for you. I mean you can’t argue with the price and again a little goes a long way but like I say, for me, it just hasn’t really had much of an effect. Don’t let that put you off though because I would recommend it regardless of my own personal opinion. 

And that my friends is pretty much everything! If you’re looking for some good products at reasonable prices then I would highly recommend the ones mentioned above. I think the stand out for me is definitely the Glycolic Serum but again they’re all worth a try. 

Don’t be afraid to add some beauty products to your faces because at the end of the day, we all want better skin don’t we? 

So please feel free to like/share and follow on both Twitter and Facebook and I shall see you all back here soon for another review in the near future! 
Beauty and a Beard.


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