MoBro’s beard products.

Hello to all bearded and non bearded folk and welcome back to yet another addition of Beauty and a Beard!

 Okay, so my last review featured some skincare products for you guys out there who may have never branched out into the World of beauty products before, but we’re going back into a more familiar territory with a new beard product review, this time featuring the amazing guys over at Mo Bro’s Grooming Co.

Now these guys are quite a relatively new company seeing as they were only founded back in Novemeber 2014 via 3 Brothers, all thanks to the glorious month and cause that be Movember. Since then, they’ve really taken off as an established company in the beard industry and it’s not hard to understand why.

“Where is the review?!!” I hear you cry..well we’re about to begin round about now, don’t worry.

So..after that short insight into what’s what, we shall begin with the product/s that I received!

So the product that I ordered from these guys was the Vanilla and Mango beard balm & oil kit,which contained 3x 15ml balms and 4x 10ml beard oils. All presented in an exquisite looking Mo Bro’s steel tin.

First off we’ll take a look at the oils. So included in this kit is the 4x oils as pictured above, which comes in a vanilla and mango scent. 

Now this scent has always been a big winner with any product that I have previously purchased but Mo Bro’s is a stand out winner on the smell aspect of things. With ingredients such as sweet almond and grape seed, you’re always going to come away smelling nice really aren’t you? 

It’s not an overly strong scent but you can definitely tell that it’s there, especially the mango. 

Applied directly upwards into the beard with a few drops and this will leave you with a fantastically soft feeling beard and nourished skin. 

For me, definitely the best oil that I have tried out so far and a definite 10/10 for both scent and actual product. You can also purchase this on its own for a fantastic price of £3.99 here.

Okay so onto the beard balm. I’m not going to lie, I absolutely love this product and I mean love! It’s literally fantastic.

The balm is compacted into a little round self branded tin and straight upon removing the lid the scent hits you. Even the texture of the balm is amazing. At first it feels quite thick when scooping it up, but then when massaging into the hands it just smooths out completely into a nice oil like substance which tames all of those stray hairs and tidies your face up perfectly. 

The scent itself is a lot more in your face than the oil and I feel as though I can smell it all day when walking around or in work, but in all honesty that is a big plus for me because a lot of previously purchased products lose their scent quite quickly, yet this manages to hang around for quite some time. Basically it’s like a sloth in a tree, it just does not leave (until you wash your face obviously).

I would have to give 10/10 for this also as I can not recommend it enough. It has been the perfect beard tamer for me. I haven’t even finished the first tub and I received this back in January so that says a lot! Again you can purchase this as a solo product for a price of £4.99 here.

Now, not only do these guys have some amazing products, ranging from solo oils and balms to fantastic gift sets, they also have items such as beard combs with an added bottle opener, t-shirts and..get this..a beard bib! You know how when you fancy giving yourself a little trim? Well these guys have a product that catches all of those annoying loose hairs that fall off, which attaches to your mirror with suction grips! How bloody genius is that?! 

Also, if that wasn’t enough, they have an amazing points rewards system in place. Basically you earn points to spend on products, which is 1 point for every £1 spent. So you can get a £5 discount with 50 points earned, £10 with 100 points etc. You can also earn points by referring a friend, sharing on social media and even when it’s your Birthday! 

I mean it’s a guarantee that I’m going to keep coming back to these guys for their products over and over again because they really are superb and just a stand out company. But don’t just take my word for it, honestly do check them out for yourselves and I guarantee that you will love them just as much as I do! They’re active on all platforms of social media such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram

And that my little bearded Brothers wraps up a quite lengthy review! I hope you guys enjoy this blog post just as much as I enjoyed writing it and don’t forget you can find me on  Twitter / Facebook and Instagram

Beauty and a Beard.


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