Mo Bro’s Personalised Gift Box.

Hello to all bearded and non bearded folk and welcome back to another addition of Beauty and a Beard!

So this latest review is going to be about a company on which I have reviewed before, which is the fantastic Mo Bro’s Grooming Company. Reason being I received an awesome gift set for Father’s Day which was the personalised wooden signature grooming box. Also just because I absolute love this company and their products. 

If you read my previous review on Mo Bro’s then you should have a bit of knowledge about them already and the kind of products they provide etc, but if not then do not fear because I will save you the whole 5 minutes of searching for yourselves and link you up right here.

Now let’s get straight to it!!

So, Father’s day comes around and I receive quite a few gifts from my amazing girlfriend and my tiny not long turned a year old Son, and underneath all the gift wrap and shredded paper, out pops an exquisite looking wooden box featuring the Mo Bro’s branding and with my name engraved onto the lid! Straight away it’s an absolute eye catcher because it looks fantastic.

Upon opening up the box to reveal its contents I was greeted by:

  • 1x 15ml Moustache Wax
  • 1x 25ml Beard Balm
  • 1x 50ml Beard Oil
  • 1x 50ml Beard Wash
  • 1x Pair of Trimming Scissors
  • 1x Beard Brush
  • 1x Engraved Beard Comb
  • 1x Pocket Mirror
  • 1x Hessian Pouch.

A lot of products packed into there right?! So now we’re going to look into each item individually with my thoughts on them all. There’s a lot to review with this gift box so I will try to keep it as simplistic yet informative as I possibly can!

Okay so, first up I will begin with the actual box the products are stored in. Let me just say it looks fantastic. A nice wooden finish with the Mo Bro’s branding and logo on top, along with your own personalised touch in the name. You can make this box your own with whatever name you would like engraved into the top, whether that be your actual name, a nickname, anything. It’s just a real nice touch and really makes it ‘yours’.

Secondly we move onto the beard oil. Now as I mentioned at the beginning of this post I have reviewed some products from these guys before and the Vanilla and Mango range was one of them and that’s the scent that I have for these products also. Again I can only have great words for this oil and the scent it carries which is pretty near beautiful may I add! With a nice fruit smelling fragrance this oil is jam packed with a great range of benefiting ingredients such as almond oil and grape seed oil, all of which have their own qualities and benefits in helping maintain a healthy and glowing looking beard. Plus 50ml gives you quite a lot of usage from this oil.

Okay so next up it’s the balm. Again a fantastic yet quite strong scent, this is the perfect beard balm if you’re looking to smooth out a dry beard and tame those wild stray hairs. You know the ones I mean, the ones that decide to just hang out like a dog from a car window? 
Packed with shea butter which has multiple benefiting vitamins such as A, E and F, your beard will feel a lot more conditioned and softer. Along with beeswax which helps keep the dry irritation at bay. Also this is a 30ml product which again will last you a long time.

Still following along? Great! Now for the beard wash. I have to apologise for the not so great product picture, I mistakenly took it after using! Anyway, I must admit, this has been one of my favourite Mo Bro’s products so far. A nice clear liquid that only requires one or two pumps on the applicator, massage in to the beard and literally straight away it foams up into a nice lather to get your beard feeling nicely clean and soft. One bit of advice I can try and give is to find yourself a good beard wash because trust me you will reap the benefits from this apposed to normal daily shampoo, and this wash will definitely do this for you. This product comes in a 50ml pump bottle.

Right, now we move onto the moustache wax! As I have mentioned previously I’m not a hugeeeee fan of moustache styling but that being said I have tried this wax and it honestly does do a great job. It is pretty tough to scoop out unless you just dive right in with a fingernail (which I’m not a fan of because anything going under my fingernails creeps me out). Scent wise this product definitely doesn’t have an overbearing smell but it is just a nice amount. A 15ml tin will go a very long way because you literally only need a smidgen of product to get your desired style.

Okay so next we’re going to move onto both the brush and the comb. First off the comb is great for keeping your beard hair in order but if you have a smaller sized beard then this may not be the best for you as it does have wide set ‘teeth’. But do not fear as the brush is superb! Made from oak with stiff  Wild Boar bristles, it is in my opinion the best comb/brush I have used so far as it perfectly grooms the beard as well as stimulating the beard hair follicles to promote growth. A definite must have accessory even if purchasing as a solo product.

Now I’m going to quickly run through the last three items as I feel as though there’s not much I can say about them on their own. So the grooming scissors are perfect for snipping away any rogue hairs but they are quite sharp edged so do be careful if snipping away as you want to avert any potential disaster of cutting too much hair and leaving yourself with a nice patch! A pocket sized mirror which is very handy if you’re out and about and want to top up on your products discretely or if like me your bathroom mirror does not sit directly above your sink and you have to constantly clean up the hairs you have trimmed off, then this is great for being able to keep things tidy and clean over a sink. And lastly the hessian pouch is a nifty little accessory which you can store your desired products into and take them with you on your travels!

And that completes the end of the review guys!! I hope you found this post both informative and helpful in your decision on purchasing from Mo Bro’s. It is priced at £39.99 but considering it has £65 worth of products inside it is definitely worth the price! You can find it right here. Don’t forget to check out all the other items these guys have because there is a fantastic range to choose from.

If you have any questions or want to find out more about Mo Bro’s then you can reach them on TwitterFacebook and Instagram

Don’t forgot to check myself out on TwitterFacebook and Instagram also, where you can contact me or even just follow along to keep up to date with what’s happening and when!

Again, it has been a pleasure guys!!

Beauty and a Beard.


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