The Eastern Beard Co.

Hello to all bearded and non bearded friends and welcome back to another addition of Beauty and a Beard reviews!
Today’s product review is going to be centered on a pretty new company that goes by the name of the Eastern Beard Co. 

Now these guys hage only been established since 2016 and are very much social media based, such as being active on both Twitter and Instagram, which I feel makes it a lot easier to stay connected with customers etc so that is a nice change as apposed to the usual scanning around a website for products.

Now Instagram is where I found these guys and where I acquired one of their beard oils. It reached me fairly quickly after they promised to send it out, which I was very impressed with because nobody wants to be hanging around too long do they??

Now I’ve been sticking to the same beard oil for a while now so I thought I’d give this bad boy a try and see what it’s all about. So the usual shower and beard wash routine went down, and I applied some of the oil. And I must admit I was very very surprised!  Not only did it leave a nice soft feeling straight away, but it also seemed to tame a lot of my stray hairs also!

Now I usually apply an oil and then a beard balm to keep the fuzz in check, which I’m not too keen on doing as I don’t enjoy having too much product in my beard at once, but I honestly didn’t need anything aside from The Eastern Beard Co. oil.

The oil itself is very smooth flowing and is really easy to apply (a few drops onto the fingers and rubbed in) which is also great, but the scent is what left me baffled, in a good way! I honestly cannot put my finger on what it actually is, other than getting a sort of peppermint kind of hint. That being said though it’s a very refreshing smell, not overbearing and not too little so that you don’t know that it’s in there, just a nice amount.

I’ve really enjoyed using this oil and I plan on sticking with it until I’ve actually run out, in which point I will definitely look into getting some more.

But don’t just take my word for it guys, check the guys and their products out over on Twitter and Instagram.

And that my friends wraps up another review! I hope you enjoyed it and hopefully it helped you even a little in your beard oil decision making. As always you can find me and stay up to date over on TwitterFacebook and Instagram.

Beauty and a Beard.


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