Winter essential favourites.

​Hello to all bearded and non bearded friends and welcome to another addition of Beauty and a Beard! This post will be featuring some of my favourite ‘Winter essentials’. 

Now we all know that the warmer days and nights have now passed, so it’s vital to wrap up warm and be snug heading into December. So put your t-shirt and shorts back in the cupboard and get browsing the stores and online for some new choices. Luckily for you, I’ve hand picked a few personal favourites for you to check out.

So, let’s crack on shall we!

First up we have the Black And White Twist Cable Textured Slim Fit Jumper from Topman. Now this is the kind of jumper that I love. Not only is it a really nice looking item, it’s also slim fitted, which is great as I like my clothes to fit snug, not all loose hanging like I’m wearing something 5 sizes too big. I think it’s quite a smart jumper as well, great to wear on a casual day but also very ideal for looking presentable on a night out. Priced at £30.00, I think this would definitely make a nice addition to the wardrobe.

Okay, next on the list is the Black Ripple Stitch Slim Fit Jumper, again from Topman. I like the ribbed effect to this jumper, as well as it again being slim fitted. I feel as though this would go quite well underneath a smart looking pea coat combined with some black skinny jeans. Priced at £32.00 it is very slightly more expensive than the previous Topman jumper, but still very simple yet effective looking.

So moving on from jumpers, we have the black textured hoodie from River Island. I’m a huge fan of hoodies. Wether it be for lounging around in at home or for pairing with some jeans and trainers for a more casual look, you really can’t go wrong. The thing I like most about this is the textured style, along with it being a zip up hoodie. I’m not one for ‘over the head’ hoodies as I like to have mine zipped open mainly, so to me this is both a practical and nice looking item to have. Priced at £35.00, I think this is a great addition to the cold Winter nights, possibly under a jacket.

Next up we have the Black Skinny Jeans from New Look. I do actually own a pair of these as I am a big fan of skinny jeans and I’m not really into the whole saggy/loose fitted look. The great thing about black jeans is that they literally go with anything and everything. They’re also not too tight fitted despite being skinny fit. Team these up with either of the Topman jumpers mentioned above and you’ve got a winning combination. Priced at £25.00 these are both stylish and affordable.

Next up we have the Black suede pointed desert boots from River Island. I love desert boots. I’d have a whole shoe collection of them if I could but one pair will have to suffice (for now). They are the perfect pairing with the New Look skinny jeans. Combine them with a nice black coat/jacket to complete a smart and sophisticated look. I know they’re suede, and suede and bad weather do not mix very well but we might have some rain free days, right? Priced at £50.00, I think that is great value for such a smart looking pair of shoes.

Okay, so now we have the Chunky Bobble Beanie from ASOS. Hats are a must in the cold nights and you can’t go wrong with a nice chunky knit bobble hat. I’m a big fan of beanies, but if I come across a bobble style such as this then I will want it. And this one definitely caught my eye. Priced at just £10.00, I think that’s an absolute bargain.

So now we’re moving swiftly on to complete the Winter look with the Cable Knitted Scarf from Matalan. You can’t beat a good scarf for warmth, can you? And this one is not only a nice chunky style, it’s also very smart looking and I’m a fan of the tassle ends also. Priced at just £8.00, you can afford to treat yourself and your neck to some warm snugness.

And now last but by no means least we have the Borg Collar PU Coach Jacket from BooHoo Man, which is my **Star pick** of the favourites list. I’ll be honest, I love leather jackets and this one looks fantastic. It is stylish, great looking and a definite must have. I think the ‘fur’ collar makes this jacket what it is. It’s a simple yet effective design with just the one breast zip and hemmed detailing. Team this up with the Black Ripple Stitch jumper from Topman, New Look skinny jeans and the River Island Desert Boots and you have a stand out look. Priced at £50.00, I think that’s a superb deal in my opinion.

And there you have it! My Winter essential favourites list is complete. So get your bank card out, get online and buy yourself some great wardrobe essentials, because why not treat yourself now and then?

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Catch you soon!

Beauty and a Beard.


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