ASOS purchases.

​Hello and welcome to another edition of Beauty and a Beard!
This latest post will be focusing on a mini order I received from ASOS. Seeing as I have a work’s Christmas night coming up soon, I thought it would be best to order myself a few new items. So seeing as this will be a lot smaller of a post, let’s get to it!

Okay, so the first item on the list is the ASOS T-Shirt With Crew Neck in black. I mean it speaks for itself really doesn’t it, it’s a plain black t-shirt. Thing is though, black tees are literally my staple clothing. They go with anything and everything, wether it be a casual look with some joggers or a smarter look with some jeans, you literally can not go wrong. Priced at just £8.00, it’s a really nice fit as well as an affordable price.

Secondly we have the New Look Super Skinny Jeans in Black. If you read my previous post on my favourite Winter essentials then you would have seen these featured there. I’m a really big fan of these jeans, as even though they’re ‘super skinny’, they’re not the literal spray painted on look. They’re a nice comfy fit as well as looking very nice as well. Priced at £19.99, that’s a fantastic price for a pair of trendy everyday jeans if you ask me.

And last but not least we have the ASOS Super Longline Cardi in Soft Touch Yarn. Now I’ll be honest, I was quite sceptical of this at first as the model on ASOS’S website looked like James Bay with a big trilby style hat and it was throwing me off the actual Cardigan itself. But then the more I pictured it without James Bay’s brother wearing it, the more I started to like it, and it definitely didn’t disappoint when it arrives either. It’s warm, it’s a snug fit, and it’s very stylish looking. Safe to say I’m a big fan of it already and I love the fact that it’s longline as well. This is a very long cardigan though, it literally goes down to my knees, but again just another reason why I like it so much as it’s very different. Teamed up with the items mentioned above as well as some plain black Desert style boots, I think it’s going to make for a great look. Priced at £39.99 I feel as though that’s a great price for such an effective looking piece of clothing.

And there you have it, albeit a lot shorter than my usual blog posts but still a few great purchases from ASOS.

So, if you’re looking to purchase some new items then it is definitely worth checking out ASOS and their products, as not only do they stock high end brands, they also have a wide range of really fantastic own branded styles to choose from too.

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See you soon!

Beauty and a Beard


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