L’Oréal Hydra Energetic Tattoo Lotion.

​Hello all, welcome back to another addition of Beauty and a Beard!
This latest post will be focusing on L’Oréal’s Hydra Energetic Tattoo Reviver Lotion.

Being a huge fan of tattoos and the owner of quite a few myself, I was quite keen to see how this product actually works, as I was quite skeptical in all honesty. The main aim of this product is to revive and bring back the sharpness to your tattoos colour. It’s obviously not to be used on fresh ink, so please do not use it for that (bepanthen or cocoa butter is my best recommendations for this).

Okay, so owning both black and grey, plus coloured tattoos, both pretty recent and some a few years old, I decided to go ahead and begin using this lotion to see how it faired up. I’ll be honest, I am pretty impressed. After using this for the past week or so, I do feel as though it has brought some ‘freshness’ back to my tattoos, in the way of them looking a bit more brighter in colour, as well as having a sharper contrast to them. And as you can see see from the above pictures, there is a difference in colour sharpness and the outlines. These were taken before and after applying the lotion.

The lotion itself is great in the sense that it is not sticky in the slightest, it is very easy to apply and it drys in very quickly, leaving the skin feeling both very soft and very moisturised. It also leaves a nice hydrated feel to the applied areas. It is not very highly scented in all honesty, which is great because it’s a moisturiser at the end of the day, you don’t want a strong scent to it.

Now I do like the actual look to this product also, it’s just a nice steel grey with a sort of traditional black dotwork design with the obviously known L’Oréal branding. This would stand out more to the guys out there as apposed to females I feel.

All in all it is a good product, with it so far working as it should do and what it is aimed at doing, so kudos on that L’Oréal. I think it is one of those products that needs to be used continuously on a daily basis for you to reap the full benefits of its purpose though.

I would just like to add though, that I feel as though this has primarily been targeted towards the male audience, seeing as it’s featured mainly by L’Oréal’s Men Expert range, which in my opinion is quite unfortunate seeing as females do own tattoos also, and have done for a very long time, obviously. It would have been cool for this product to be aimed at both genders, rather than just towards the one. That’s just my honest thought though.

So if you are looking for a new product to add to your skincare regime, and you own tattoos yourself, then I would recommend giving this a shot. It is priced at just £3.98 at Superdrug, which is not a bank breaker in the slightest.

And that wraps up another addition guys! Hopefully you enjoy the post and don’t forget you can find me on TwitterInstagram and Facebook as always!

See you soon…

Beauty and a Beard.


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