Tattoos and interviews..

Hey guys, today I’m basically going to be discussing tattoos and the effects they have in the workplace etc and I would love to know if anybody has ever experienced similar or received negativity themselves regarding their body art or piercings.

So, not long ago I had a job interview for a security company and I arrived feeling as though I looked pretty smart in a nice shirt, smart pants and shoes. I was greeted by the interviewer and the first thing he said to me was “yeah, probably shouldn’t have your tattoos on show” (I have both arms tattooed and the sleeves of my shirt were pushed up slightly). Straight away I knew this was not going to go well, but I stuck out the interview regardless. I could just tell from this guy’s attitude and mannerisms that he took an instant dislike. Afterwards he told me that although I had done really well with the interview itself, “arriving with tattoos showing wasn’t good”. Safe to say I didn’t get offered the job, which in all honesty I wasn’t particularly bothered about as I was already working, plus I’d rather not work for a person who is so judgemental over something that shouldn’t be an issue, but it did annoy me, a lot.

Which leads me on to the whole tattoos in the workplace topic. One thing I have never/will never understand is why people are so discriminative against somebody who owns tattoos. I only have one tattoo which is extremely visible, which is my hand as I got that done fairly recently, but there is no other visable ones, such as on my neck etc. I always wear shirts for work which means they’re never on show anyway, but I do want to eventually cover my body (minus my face) in artwork, so both hands, throat etc, but I always find myself thinking “what if I can’t get a job afterwards if I decide to apply for other positions”. And that’s quite sad in my opinion.

So why are people made to feel like they have done wrong or second guess their choices? How does a person’s artwork on their skin, deem them unsuitable for a job? Can I not possibly do the job that I have been doing for the past 7 years simply because I have tattoos? Of course I can. It boils down to plain judgement at the end of the day, in my honest opinion.

I find it hard to believe that people’s perceptions of those with tattoos are still that shallow where they are deemed wrong or thuggish looking. I know a lot of businesses are a lot more lenient when it comes to visible tattoos, especially in customer facing roles, but a lot still class it as unacceptable. I mean it’s not just in the workplace either, it’s in public places also. People are still given funny looks for having tattoos or piercings, comments are still made about those with stretched ears. But why?! It doesn’t make them ‘weird’, it doesn’t make them aggressive looking. It’s art. And they’re probably some of the nicest and most down to Earth people you could possibly have the pleasure of speaking to. At the end of the day they are still regular, hardworking people.

Which is where I would like to hear other people’s views on the whole thing. Do you agree that people with tattoos should be viewed differently to those who don’t? Should companies have a bit more leniency when it comes to employing those with visable tattoos? Or have you ever had an experience regarding this yourself and how did you handle it?

Either leave a comment below or respond via Twitter and let me know!

Thank you very much for reading (apologies for the long post!) and I will catch you soon!



3 thoughts on “Tattoos and interviews..

  1. It’s a tough one. Perhaps over time it will become more accepted by everyone. Me personally, I’m still of the opinion that tattoos are pretty cool so long as they can be covered up still. I like seeing them on show out in public but not so much when in a customer facing role.


  2. When I’m in a coffee shop, a clothes shop, at the doctors, getting my hair done, WHATEVER, all I care about is that whoever is dealing with me is polite and capable of doing their job. I don’t care how they look as long as I’m being treated well and getting whatever service I’m paying for and I don’t understand why anyone would think any differently than that.
    Was you having those tattoos going to change your ability to do your job? No – you could either do the job or you couldn’t and that should be the important factor!
    Full disclosure – I have tattoos myself but I was of the same opinion before I had them!
    Stephanie ||

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    1. Exactly. Which is why it is so confusing that people can be basically shut out from a position they apply for etc because of a tattoo. I work damn hard every week and they don’t stop me from performing my daily duties at work. It’s quite sad in all honesty but hopefully it becomes a lot more ‘acceptable’, because this generation has a big fascination with tattoos so far!

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