Calling it quits – Part 2.

Hey guys, welcome to my blog and my latest post!

I’m going to be carrying on from my last post Calling it Quits, with Part 2 of this 4 part edition. Basically an update on how I’m getting on with quitting smoking.

So, I’m now 2 weeks smoke free, I have apparently regained 85 hours of life, I have saved a little over Β£200 (shocking, I know) and my breathing, taste & smell, oxygen levels and energy levels are now back to 100%. In all honesty, I’m feeling so much better within myself.

So far I have had zero cravings on days 8, 9, 10 and 11. On day 12 though, I did have the odd thought about wanting to smoke, although this did quickly pass, and by days 13 and 14 I was back to feeling a lot better and confident about never smoking again. My stress levels seem to have decreased, my sense of smell and taste has improved amazingly. I mean food tasted nice when I was a smoker, but even more so now I am smoke free.

I am very proud of myself and how well I have done so far, because although I never felt the ‘need’ to smoke, I just enjoyed it. I don’t think that feeling will go away, at least for a while, but as long as it stays as a feeling, then I am happy.

Again, if like me you’re in the process of quitting, then don’t give up. You can do it, it is possible.

If you have any questions or tips then feel free to drop me a comment or contact me via Twitter.

Catch you soon…



4 thoughts on “Calling it quits – Part 2.

  1. How awesome! Good for you! It only takes 3 weeks to form a habit. This time it’s one of NOT smoking. Also, side note, the partial picture that popped up on my “reader” made me think you were wearing a kilt with tights. 😊 I found that quite bold, indeed. Lol

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      1. Well committing to stopping is half the battle, and you’ve gone beyond that. Luckily, that has never been a habit I have picked up. However I know many who have and they say it’s very difficult to quit.

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