Calling it quits – Part 4.

Hello everyone and welcome to my blog, featuring my latest post and the last edition of this mini series! 

So, if you have been following my journey on quitting smoking then you would have guessed by now that I am now a MONTH smoke free! 4 weeks of no disgusting tasting, expensive cigarettes!

I feel like there is still a long way to go in terms my health being back to its fullest, but I am feeling a lot better, my energy levels are better, just everything in general. The thing I am looking forward to most is clearer skin and brighter looking teeth (not like they’re full on horrendous but you know). So yeah, better times ahead hopefully!

The only thing I’m sort of ‘scared’ of relapsing on is when I next have a drink. Like the biggest thing I enjoyed when being out and enjoying a nice cold glass of rum was being able to step outside and smoke. So even though I do not drink that often, I am putting it off as I don’t want to test myself so early into quitting!

I think the best piece of advice I can give as someone who struggles with willpower, is to just go straight cold turkey. Don’t try to cut down and have the odd few because I guarantee that you will slowly get back to your average smoking rate. Patches are good alternative but I feel like it’s more placebo with those than anything. I personally did not try E-Cigs but I know a lot of people choose this method, bit still, you’re not killing off that smoking feeling. You’re still having the effects of smoking with the harsher chemicals. Set yourself a goal, wether it be family or money orientated and just stick to it. Push yourself and you will soon see the difference both in health and cost effects.

So, thank you very much for keeping up with my little mini series on my journey into a smoke free life! If you want to catch up on the previous editions then feel free to find the links below.

As always thank you very much for reading, feel free to leave a comment or catch me on Twitter!

Catch you soon…


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