Goals 2017

Hey guys and welcome to my blog, as well as my latest post!

So every year I have hopes of planning my year out, what I can change, what I can improve on etc. So for 2017 I have a lot of goals. Maybe some are more realistic than others but still, it’s good to have hope, right?

So these are my main aspirations, my top 3 if you like, for the rest of the year…

1. Weight Gain
– So, I don’t know if any of you guys read one of my previous posts regarding my body confidence issues, but I will leave a little link here (just incase). Basically, I have always struggled with my weight and being able to gain it. But one of my biggest missions for this year is to get stuck into my weight training and actually stick to it. I’m currently into week 5 of working out and I feel so much better already. I feel like I am finally starting to enjoy it again. I am currently around the 10 and a half stone mark, but ideally I would like to be around 12-13. So with a bit of luck and dedication, that will finally happen this year.

2. Job/Career
– I currently work in the Security industry and have done for the past 6 years. At first I really enjoyed it, possibly because I was a bit naive and a bit of a jobsworth (I know, never again) but in all honesty it’s just not ‘me’ anymore. I mean I’m more than grateful to be working because I know how hard it is to be unemployed, even more so in the currant climate, but I would like to find a new career at some point. Problem is, because most of my experience is in this sector, I don’t really know what the next move can be! I would have loved to have gone to college and done something useful with my life and ideally I would love to be a barber, but that’s just not viable right now. So yeah, hopefully I can figure out the next step and move onwards and upwards!

Tattoos – Now this is why I need to win the lottery! If I had the chance, I would cover myself head to toe (aside from my face) and that’s what I want to aim towards. I want to build on what I have already and fill in a few gaps so I can move on to some blank areas. I finally took the plunge in getting my hand tattooed recently, which was a big decision for me as I’ve wanted to do it for a while now and I’m already thinking about getting my other one done too! So, tattoo goals for the rest of the year involve hand number 2, one or two to finish my arms up, then move onto my legs!

So there you have it, a few of my goals for the rest of the year. I mean, they might not be huge aspirations to some, but I’m a very simple guy in all honesty!

What are your goals for the rest of 2017? Anything you want to change or work towards? As always you can leave me a comment below or find me on Twitter!

Catch you soon..



4 thoughts on “Goals 2017

  1. Great post!! I really want to finish my sleeve but finding the time and money is always abit difficult! There are lots of barber courses but they can be a bit pricey, defo worth looking into find a good deal! Just stumbled across you blog on Twitter!

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