Manchester – A few words.

Hey everyone, it has been a long time since my last post, but I thought I would write a small piece on the atrocity of events that happened in Manchester on Monday night.

As like a million and more others, I was absolutely shocked and appalled by the cowardly attack at the MEN Arena. Not only because this was an event full of innocent people, but also an event full of children. What should have been one of the best nights of their lives, turned into an absolute nightmare that will be remembered for the remainder.

But to be quite honest, I don’t want this post to be solely about those responsible for this attack. I want it to be a mark of respect to the people of Manchester. A City just up the motorway from me, in Liverpool. Attacks like these are designed to cause as much havoc as possible. To instil fear within cities, within communities.

What we all witnessed afterwards is nothing short of fucking heroic. People pulling together, helping those affected by offering beds, lifts home, chargers for their phones. Even down to a homeless gentleman helping screaming and injured Children. This being a Man who has thousands of people walking past him every day, giving his all and showing the true spirit and meaning of kindness.

As unfortunate as it is, it is times like these that show the solidarity in people. In communities. The people at the heart of a City. As always with events like this, people will try to get reactions, try to seek attention and point blame. One thing I will say is, do not give them the attention they so desperately crave. Don’t let their moronic bile influence any part of your thinking. These are the ones instilling hate, bringing fear. Do not class the cowards that carry out these atrocities in the same category as normal Human beings. They are not Muslim. They do not practice a peaceful religion. They are animals. Terrorists.

But like I said, this is not a post about those monsters. It is merely a recognition of the kindness, the helpfulness and the spirit of a City. A City that should be really proud of itself for standing up and bouncing back no less than a day after those unfortunate events. Manchester, you and your citizens should hold your heads up high, because you are a fucking credit to this Country and you have shown the kind of love that we all need at this moment in time.

We are all with you. We will always be with you. And to the innocents who lost their lives, the injured, the family and friends of those affected, we pray for you. We hope that you all pull through this and that you remember that you are not alone in this. A whole Country is there for you in your time of need.



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