MoBro’s Beard Products.

Hey everyone, long time no post! So I have sort of branched away from product reviewing as of late, but I wanted to do a quick review on some unbelievable beard products I have acquired from Mo Bros Grooming Company very recently. So let’s get straight in to it.

First off we have the unbelievably amazing Beard Butter. I have tried a LOT of products to keep my beard feeling soft as well as in shape and groomed, but literally none of them compares to this product. At first I went for the Sweet Mint fragrance in a 100ml tub and it is quite strong, although this does last throughout the day whereas others fade out. The product itself is of a creamy consistency and a little goes a very long way. Just scoop a little into your hands and massage in for unbelievable softness like you’ve never experienced. Not only that, but it is perfect for grooming and styling into shape. It’s an absolute 10/10 in my books and I have already purchased the whole collection in every fragrance (pictured above). Priced at Β£17.99 for the 100ml version, you can find it here. You can also find the collection pictured above and similar on the website.

Secondly we have the Beard Conditioner. Now this is a very new product from the guys at Mo Bros, but yet again they have smashed the ball out of the park with this one. I honestly haven’t tried it all that much but I don’t think I need to, to know that it’s a superb product. It’s a nice change from using the same usual beard wash/soaps etc but obviously you can use this along with that. It leaves you feeling refreshed, moisturised, clean and most of all, smelling exceptionally well. I went for the Sweet Mint fragrance in the 10ml on this but as always there is a host of scents to choose from. Priced at Β£9.99, you can find this here.

As always, be sure to check the MoBro guys out and find me on the link at my name below!

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