Workout Super Smoothies.

Hey everyone, Kev here!

So in today’s post, I am going to run through some quick and easy smoothie recipes to help you get that extra energy for your workouts. These are ideal for both pre and post workout, really easy to make and most of all really tasty! 

Okay, so first off I’m going to start with recipe number one, for which you will need the following ingredients:
1. Four Seasons Invigorate Smoothie Mix,
2. Chia seeds,
3. Peanut Butter (dependant on choice),
4. Milk or water.

Probably the easiest and quickest of the 3, simply because the smoothie mix is pre made! You can pick a pack up from Aldi for  around £1.69 (I think..) and there are 3 different mixes to choose from. This one contains apples, cucumber, avacado, manago, spinach and linseed, which is more than enough of the good stuff to give you an energy boost. Adding a level teaspoon of chia seeds is great for the muscles and digestive system, while a tablespoon of peanut butter is a great extra source of protein.
If like me, you are preparing this for your workouts, then add your favourite protein powder etc to the mix and blend away!

Okay, so the ingredients for super smoothie number 2!

1. 1 Avacado,
2. 1 banana,
3. 4 Strawberries,
4. 1 handful of kale,
5. Almonds.

Again, really easy to make because all of the ingredients are self explanatory on what to do. So, you have the avacado for healthy fats and vitamins such as C and E. Kale is full of fibre and helps with digestion. And then you have a handful of almonds for some extra protein. Add either water or milk, along with your protein powder etc and then blend. I prefer water as the proteins reach the body quicker than milk.

And lastly for smoothie number 3!

The ingredients are,

1. Spinach,
2. Frozen or fresh blackberries,
3. Honey,
4. Pineapple.

Bit of a weird mix of fruits and veg, I know! But, they all have a lot of great benefits. Spinach, which is low in fat and great for fibre, is also full in Vitamins A, C and E. Blackberries are great for vitamins and minerals and are also full of antioxidents. Pineapple helps to digest proteins and then adding a drop of honey can help athletic perfomance as well as many other health benefits. Again, add water or milk, whichever you prefer and enjoy!

Hopefully you will have found these recipes a little helpful and you can try them for yourself, either pre or post workout!

Let me know what you think or even share your own recipes for a great workout smoothie, either by commenting below or on Twitter!

Thanks for reading!



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